Being Around Motorcycles Safely

little bikerYou’ve probably seen people riding motorcycles on TV, or maybe you know someone who rides. Motorcycles are a lot of fun to ride, but as any motorcyclist will tell you, it’s important to be careful when you’re around them.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe around motorcycles:

  • Never climb or sit on a motorcycle unless you have the permission and supervision of an adult.
  • Don’t touch anyone’s motorcycle unless you ask permission first. The exhaust pipes could be very hot!
  • Keep an eye out for motorcycles when you’re on your bike or crossing the street.
  • If you’re riding with someone, always wear a helmet!

A motorcycle is almost like a car—it’s a moving vehicle, with laws that apply to riding it on the road. Follow these easy tips to stay safe when you’re around a motorcycle, and remember, let’s stay safe together!