Swimming Safety

iStock_000011564168SmallSwimming can be a ton of fun—it’s a great way to exercise, play with your friends, and stay cool when it’s hot outside. But whether you’re swimming in a pool or a natural body of water, there are a few easy things you can do to stay safe and keep having fun.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe when you’re swimming:

  • Only swim when there’s a lifeguard on duty or an adult can supervise you. Never swim alone!
  • Ask your parents if you can take swim lessons so you can become a stronger swimmer.
  • Don’t swim when you’re tired and always take frequent breaks to rest.
  • Don’t swim out too far or too deep—stay where you can easily reach the shore or the poolside and get out if you need to.
  • Walk—don’t run!—around the pool.
  • Never dive into an unfamiliar body of water. There could be logs or rocks that are hard to see under the surface of the water.
  • Always wear a life vest when you’re on a boat. If you fall in, it will help you stay afloat until you’re rescued.

Even kids who are great swimmers can still drown if they’re not careful. Only swim in safe areas and always obey a lifeguard’s instructions—they’re there to help keep you safe. Follow these tips when you’re in the water and let’s stay safe together!