Playground Safety

iStock_000021167289MediumWhat’s your favorite thing to do at the playground? Is it going down the slide? Or crossing the monkey bars? Or maybe playing on the swings? No matter what you like to do, playgrounds are a great place to have fun with your friends and let your imagination go wild—but while you’re out having fun, it’s important to be safe, too.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe on the playground:

  • Play responsibly! That means no shoving, no fighting, and no climbing on the outside of playground equipment.
  • Use the playground equipment the way it’s intended to avoid serious injury.
  • If you discover playground equipment that seems to be broken, tell an adult right away. Don’t play on it until it’s been fixed.
  • Don’t walk near kids who are swinging—they could accidentally hit you. If you’re swinging, sit down and hold on tight, and don’t try to jump off.
  • Only play on dry playground equipment. If it’s wet, you could slip and hurt yourself.
  • Go down the slide feet first. Only one person should be on the slide at a time.

Always remember to be respectful to other kids on the playground. If someone’s using playground equipment you want to use, ask politely if you can use it when they’re done and wait your turn. It’s OK to run around, but watch where you’re going so you don’t bump into anything—or anyone! And most importantly, have fun and let’s stay safe together!