Fireworks and Sparklers Safety

iStock_000002546106SmallFireworks are often used to celebrate big events like New Years Eve and the Fourth of July. You may have attended a public fireworks display with your family or seen them on TV. And while fireworks are a great way to light up the night sky and celebrate, they can be very dangerous and should be handled with care by adults to avoid serious injury.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe around fireworks:

  • Fireworks should only be handled by adults. Firecrackers and bottle rockets can go off accidently, causing seriously injury if not handled with care.
  • Sparklers can also be dangerous. Only use them when you have permission and an adult is there to supervise you. Keep them away from your body, hair, and clothes.
  • Never point fireworks at yourself, another person, or an animal.
  • Don’t point fireworks at houses, trees, cars, or other objects—they could start a fire.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby in case of emergency.

In some places, it may be illegal to use fireworks at home—but you can ask your parents to take you to a public fireworks display, where experts know how to put on a dazzling show while keeping everyone safe. Remember, let’s stay safe together!