Cold Weather Safety

Little happy boyThere are so many fun things to do during the winter months—sledding, building snowmen and snow forts, ice-skating, and so much more. But there are also some smart choices you can make to stay safe while you’re out having fun in the snow.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe when it’s cold outside:

  • Dress warmly! Make sure you bundle up when you go outside in the snow and cold—wear your coat, gloves, boots, scarf, and a hat to keep warm.
  • Take frequent breaks to go inside and warm up. Soup and hot chocolate are great ways to help you get warm when you come inside.
  • Don’t walk onto a frozen lake or stream unless adults have made sure it’s completely frozen and safe. You could fall through the ice!
  • Don’t go sledding near roads.
  • Watch where you step to avoid slipping on ice or getting stuck in a snowdrift.

The most important thing to remember when it’s cold outside is to keep warm. It’s easier to catch a cold when the temperatures drop and frostbite can set in quickly. Bundle up and come inside regularly so you can keep having fun. And as always, let’s stay safe together!