Medicine Cabinet Safety

Little girl taking medicineWe use medicine cabinets to store all kinds of medicines and prescriptions. Sometimes medicine bottles can look a lot alike and it can be hard to tell the difference between them. For that reason, you should always ask an adult for help with taking medicines.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe around medicine cabinets:

  • An adult should always determine if you need to take medicine. Don’t get it yourself. Let them get the medicine for you.
  • Never take more than the recommended dose. Have an adult help you figure out what you can take, how much you can take, and when you can take it.
  • Don’t take medicine if you don’t need it, and never take someone else’s medicine.

Taking medicine is an important step to feeling better when you’re under the weather—but taking too much medicine or taking the wrong medicine can make you feel even worse! Always have an adult help you, and remember, let’s stay safe together!