Gun Safety

iStock_000024939339SmallGuns are not toys and should never be played with—even BB guns and paintball guns can be extremely dangerous when not handled responsibly. Because a gun can seriously injure or even kill someone, it’s very important to be extra careful whenever you’re around a gun so no one gets hurt.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe around guns:

  • Never touch a gun unless an adult has given you permission and is there to supervise you.
  • Never point a gun at yourself or another person.
  • Always assume the gun is loaded.
  • If you find a gun that’s been left out, tell an adult right away. Don’t pick it up.

When you get older, a parent or family friend might teach you how to handle a gun properly and may even take you to the range to learn how to shoot. Until then, never touch a gun and keep your distance—and remember, let’s stay safe together!