Dog Safety

iStock_000010964730MediumDogs are called man’s best friend, and with good reason—many dogs are friendly, playful, and just like a member of the family. But some dogs may not be used to humans and they could bite if they get scared or excited. Always be careful around dogs, especially strays or dogs you don’t know.

Keep these tips in mind to be safe around dogs:

  • Keep your distance from dogs you don’t know. If you know the owner, you can ask them if it’s OK to pet the dog first.
  • Don’t tease or roughhouse a dog—it may get scared and snap at you.
  • Never disturb a dog when it’s sleeping, eating, or chewing on a bone.
  • If you are approached by a dog you don’t know, stay calm and slowly walk away. Don’t run or the dog may think you’re trying to play chase!

Remember that dogs are kind of like people—each one has a different personality. Some may be nice and friendly, but others may not be. It’s important to be careful and respectful around a dog, especially if you don’t know the dog very well. Remember, let’s stay safe together!